Cameroon: the IRGM endowed with approximately 1.3 billion to conduct geological and mining research in 2017

The program budget of the Institute of Geological and Mining Research (IRGM) was voted during the board of directors chaired by Professor Gilbert Lamblin Taguem Fah, on January 31, 2017 in Yaoundé. According to Professor Tanguem Fah, representing the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation (MINRESI), this budget envelope should be used for the implementation of three sub-programs: the strengthening of geological, mining and environmental information and natural hazards; the development of hydrological and energy research; improving governance and strengthening the institute’s operational capacities. Indeed, the IRGM is called during this year to work on the production of thematic maps (geological, mining, tectonic and natural risks), geo-referenced databases and documents essential to the realization and implementation of major development projects in Cameroon. These various activities aim to support the State in the implementation of its research and innovation policy. As a reminder, the IRGM is a public scientific institution created on December 4, 1979 and placed under the technical supervision of MINRESI. Its missions revolve around geological, geophysical, hydrological, energy and mining research; environmental studies and the prevention of natural risks.