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    Recrutement de 220 Chercheurs au MINRESI
    Tje Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation ( MINRESI) wishes to inform the public that a call for applications has been issued for the recruitment of two hundred and twenty (220) Researchers for Institutes and Organisations under the technical supervision of the Ministry she heads, for the 2016 budget year.
    She hereby calls on interested candidates to get acquainted with registration procedures laid down by the recruitment Order by inquiring at the following administrations:
    - The Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation:
    - On its website:
    - on its facebook account: Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, and
    - At its Regional Research and Innovation Centres( RRIC)
    - The Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform:
    - on its xeb site:
    lastly, she equally wishes to remind applicants that the deadline for submission of documents, initially set for Friday, October 28, 2016, has been extended to friday, November 04, 2016.